Lincoln County Historical Museum

As befitting a town with such a rich and rambunctious history, the Lincoln County Historical Museum in Pioche is located in a building with a fascinating and rather tumultuous past of its own. The structure was originally built around 1900 by an A.S. Thompson. After suffering damage from a fire, the building was rebuilt and later remodeled in 1929 in a bid to make it more modern. Before being donated to the county to serve as a museum, it housed a mercantile and clothing store.

Visitors to the Lincoln County Historical Museum today will not only find a historic building but also a museum that has evolved into a truly fascinating tour of the past. Exhibits and displays in the ever-growing museum collection chronicle the history of both Pioche and the surrounding area. Some of the museum’s most interesting displays are dedicated to the area’s earliest American Indian inhabitants, while other exhibits have a Chinese emphasis.

Visitors to the museum will find also selection of mining tools and mineral specimens, antique furniture, vintage musical instruments and much more. Admission to the surprisingly comprehensive Lincoln County Historical Museum is absolutely free, but donations are happily accepted. The museum is open daily with limited morning and afternoon hours.

Lincoln County Historical Museum

63 Main Street
Pioche, Nevada 89043-4200
(775) 962-5207

7 days a week
10 am – 3 pm