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Pioche, Nevada, knows how to have a good time! It all began with all the who-ha down in Eldorado Canyon, Potosi mine was the first lode mine in Nevada. Discoveries in Pahranagat Valley followed then the discoveries near Pioche, located on a spur of the Ely Mountains facing north. Pioche was first settled by Jos. Grange and E. M. Chubard, who in 1868 erected asmall furnace. This turned out to be a failure and they abandoned the location. The following year, Meadow Valley district was reorganized and given the name of Ely District in honor of John H. Ely. Ely and W. H. Raymond, who placed a five-stamp quartz mill rented from a New =

Trap shooting every Sunday from 9 am to noon, weather permitting.

Latest Past Events

Grand Prix

This year's Grand Prix is June 11 and 12. Last year's was a huge success. Click Here to read article from Lincoln County Record.

Swap Meet

Get your garage, closet, attic, cleaned out. Do you have junk that can be someone else's treasure? All items welcome!! Got Crafts to sell? Come out, set up and sell […]