Near the Town of Pioche

There are 5 State Parks near the town of Pioche! These Lincoln County and Eastern Nevada parks are favorite destinations for travelers for a number of reasons. Daytime summer temperatures are ten to fifteen degrees cooler than in Las Vegas, and nights cool down considerably more. Anglers can enjoy sport fishing from boat or shore at Spring Valley, Echo Canyon, Beaver Dam and Cave Lake. There are beautiful areas for exploration and photography, like Cathedral Gorge with its ancient spired formations, the springtime wildflowers at Spring Valley, or the historic charcoal ovens at Panaca Summit.

An assortment of wildlife is found in this part of Nevada. Visitors may spot coyotes, mule deer, badgers and rabbits along highways and dirt roads. Animals such as the mountain lion and ringtail cat are more elusive, moving about in the evening and early morning in areas away from heavy visitation. Lizards, snakes, squirrels and skunks are also found in the parks. Some of these animals have nocturnal habits and can be “seen” only by their tracks. Bird life is abundant. Ravens, scrubjays, hummingbirds, quail and doves often are seen around campsites and lakes. If you’re lucky you might also see a golden eagle, redtailed hawk or roadrunner.

Experience outdoor adventure and exploration at one of the many parks and sites of near Pioche, and please remember to always practice Leave No Trace skills and ethics and Tread Lightly minimum impact camping techniques.


• Beaver Dam State Park
• Cathedral Gorge State Park
• Echo Canyon State Park
• Kershaw-Ryan State Park
• Spring Valley State Park


Cathedral Gorge

Cathedral Gorge State Park